Pre-War Belfast


Belfast, Northern Ireland



1. Surrender

2. I Threw A Brick

3. A Day Without Me

4. Sunday Bloody Sunday

5. I Fall Down

6. New Year's Day

7. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock

8. I Will Follow




The overall sound quality  of this recording is fair. Clarity is given to some extent but the music is a bit distant and misses some bass to give it a more voluminous sound. Most of the songs of the concert are cut out as, unfortunately,  is a good part of Bono's introduction of "Sunday Bloody Sunday". Bono sings a few lines of a siong I could not indentify before "I Fall Down". Before and after "New Year's Day" is an audible edit. The songs 7 and 8 are most likely from a Swedish show during the Boy era, according to Bono's introduction of "I Will Follow". The sound of these two songs is very crappy (too much bass and speed quite too slow).