Pre-War Leicester


Leicester, England



Disc 1:

1. Out Of Control

2. Twilight

3. Surrender

4. I Threw A Brick

5. A Day Without Me

6. An Cat Dubh

7. Into The Heart

8. Sunday Bloody Sunday

9. The Cry

10. The Electric Co.

11. I Fall Down




Disc 2:

1. October

2. New Year's Day

3. Gloria

4. In Will Follow

5. Fire

6. A Celebration

7. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock

8. The Ocean

9. Guitar doodle and tuning

10. The Unforgettable Fire

11. Bass doodle sequeing into A Sort Of Homecoming

12. A Sort Of Homecoming


14. Indian Summer Sky

15. dead air

16. dead air

17. Somebody talking

18. Bad




The sound of this recording is fair. Clarity is given to some extent but the lower end is mising to a great part and the music sounds distant. Also, there is quite some background noise audible.

The beginning of "October" is cut out and the sound of this song and the following "New Year's Day" is very garbly as if the tape was damaged.

The source of the songs 9-18 is unknown but definetly recorded in a decent quality during a soundcheck for a Unforgettable Fire show. The songs mentioned are only instrumental versions and mostly only the beginning of the songs or short snippets of the riffs.