Vertigo Miami (DVD)


Tampa, FL




1. Vertigo

2. Elevation

3. I Will Follow

4. Electric Co.

5. I Still Haven't Found

6. Beautiful Day

7. Original Of The Species

8. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own

9. Love And Peace Or Else

10. Sunday Bloody Sunday

11. Bullet The Blue Sky

12. Miss Sarajevo

13. Pride

14. Where The Streets Have No Name

15. One

16. Until The End Of The World

17. The Fly

18. With Or Without You

19. All Because Of You

20. Walk On

21. Bad



The show was taped from the upper ranks off Edge's stage side. The video quality is tremendous with defined shapes and colours. Especially during close-up shots every detail is visible. Only drawback is the shaky camera: Mostly it is a slight tremor in the first half of the DVD but also some heavier bumps occur where the taper loses the focus. Also, on a few occasions a guy gets into the camera's view, blocking it for a second until the taper has refocussed.

"Vertigo" sets in during the last chorus, leaving out most of the song.

The sound quality is very good to excellent.