Legends Are Made In Vegas (DVD)


Las Vegas, NV



Disc 1:

1. Intro

2. City Of Blinding Lights

3. Vertigo

4. Elevation

5. Mysterious Ways

6. Until The End Of The World

7. I Still Haven't Found

8. Beautiful Day

9. Miracle Drug

10. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own

11. Love And Peace Or Else

12. Sunday Bloody Sunday


Disc 2:

1. Bullet The Blue Sky

2. Miss Sarajevo

3. Pride

4. Where The Streets Have No Name

5. One

6. Zoo Station

7. The Fly

8. With Or Without You

9. All Because Of You

10. In A Little While

11. Bad - People Have The Power



The show was taped from the ranks off Adam's stage side. The video quality is excellent, with crisp colours and defined shapes, also during the close-ups. The picture is quite dark, especially when the stage lightning is dimmed, but this definetly avoids gleamy faces. The camera is very stable, apart from a few bumps, and no heads or hands obstruct the view on the stage. The taper delivers a lot of stage totals to catch most of the action but also zooms in on single band-members, resulting in a well balanced mix.

Audio quality is very good; lacking a sligh bit the high end to rate it excellent.