Vertigo Las Vegas 1


Las Vegas, NV




1. City of Blinding Lights

2. Vertigo

3. Elevation

4. Electric Co.

5. The Ocean

6. I Still Havenít Found / In A Little While (Snippet)

7. Beautiful Day

8. Miracle Drug

9. Sometimes You Canít Make It On Your Own

10. Stuck in a Moment

11. Love and Peace or Else

12. Sunday Bloody Sunday

13. Bullet the Blue Sky


Disc 2:

1. Miss Sarajevo / Human Rights

2. Pride

3. Where The Streets Have No Name

4. One

5. I Can't Help Falling In Love With You

6. Walk On

7. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

8. With Or Without You

10. All Because Of You

11. Yahweh

12. 40



Source: Built-in Single Channel Microphone/hp2200 IPAQ Pocket PC > RESCO Audio Recorder (WAV @ 44100 Hz, 16 bits)

Location: GA, outside ellipse along outer rail, 10 feet stage right of tip

Transfer: SanDisc Ultra II Compact Flash card > PC > Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 5.0 > CD Wave > FLAC frontend (Level 5)

Taper: u22utoo, Sound Editing Advice: Redtrocker and RossMan (With much appreciation for their patience and hard work. Both are approved to post Remasters if they see fit)



Taper's comments:

The good news is that this is lossless and has a known lineage, with limited audience intrusion. Bad news, it was recorded in mono with a built in microphone that could not be turned down to stop recording from clipping. To address the resulting sound issues, the master files were edited using Sound Forge 5.0. I used Waves L2 Ultra Maximizer set to 16 Bit Moderate Limiting (-6.0 Threshold and _0.2 Out Ceiling) to repair clipping, adjusted the Dry Out Distortion level to -10 dB to decrease flutter, and then Normalized at -2.55 dB (74.56%) to improve the overall sound of the recording. Sound Forge was also used to duplicate the mono WAV file to 2 channels, creating a false stereo file. CD Wave was used to cut tracks.


Enjoy and share FREELY. If you sell this or buy it from anywhere, shame on you. Sign up for, and donate money to, the One campaign.


Note: Recording starts just after the "Everyone" announcements due to operator error.


u22005-11-04 Las Vegas, NV Night 1