ZooTV Glasgow


Glasgow, Scotland



Disc 1:
1. Bono's intro song//Zoo Station

2. The Fly

3. ZooTV intermission/Bono flipping through the channels

4. Even Better Than The Real Thing

5. Mysterious Ways

6. One

7. Can't help Falling In Love

8. Until The End Of The World [edit]

9. Until The End Of The World (2nd part)

10.Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

11. Adam phoning with a girl

12. Trying To Throw Your Arms

13. Angel Of Harlem

14. Dancing Queen

15. When Love Comes To Town

16. Satellite Of Love

17. Bad [edit]




Disc 2:

1. Bad (continued)

2. All I Want Is You

3. Bullet The Blue Sky

4. Running To Stand Still

5. Where The Streets Have No Name

6. Pride

7. I Still Haven't Found [edit]

8. I Still Haven't Found [edit]

9. I Still Haven't Found (continued)

10. Stand By Me

11. Audience singing "40"

12. Desire

13. Bono phone call/With Or Without You

14. Love Is Blindness




An amazingly good recording of the Glasgow ZooTV show. Instruments and vocals come through clearly and the sound is crisp. Only the venue acoustics are not ideal resulting in this typical indoor arena sound (but this is very minor effect in my opinion). During some songs the sound is slightly distorted during very loud parts. Audience noise is definetly audible between the songs but the mood of this show is exuberant and, therefore, this only adds to the "live-feeling" of this recording. During the songs the audience never drowns out the music (except during the intro of "I Still Haven't Found" when Bono tells that they weren't able to finish this tour in Dublin but thought Glasgow would be the perfect replacement)! One negative thing is that an edit during "Until The End Of The World" cuts out a few notes of Edge's first solo resulting in a few seconds of dead air.  Before "Trying To Throw" Adam phones with his "last night's affair" instead of telling his usual story about the Donegal man. Before "Angel Of Harlem" is an edit which cuts off the first second of the song. "Bad" fades out after 4:23 minutes into the song, just to be continued at this point on disc 2. Same hold s true for "I Still Haven't Found" which has a second of dead air during Bono's intro speech and again a fade out/fade in edit shortly before "Stand By Me" starts. This is simply a must-have for any collector considering the great show U2 put up that night (which was officially the last date of the ZooTV indoor tour).