ZooTV Stockholm 2 (DVD)


Stockholm, Sweden



DVD 1:

1. Menu

2. ZooTV intro

3. Bono's intro song/Zoo Station

4. The Fly

5. Even BetterThan The Real Thing

6. Mysterious Ways

7. One

8. Unchained Melody

9. Until The End Of The World

10. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

11. Trying To Throw Your Arms

12. Angel Of Harlem

13. Dancing Queen (w/. Benny and Bjoern from ABBA)

14. Satellite Of Love


DVD 2:

1. Bad

2. All I Want Is You

3. Bullet The Blue Sky

4. Running To Stand Still

5. Where The Streets Have No Name

6. Pride

7. I Still Haven't Found

8. Stand By Me

9. Desire

10. Bono's phone call/Ultraviolet

11. With Or Without You

12. Love Is Blindness

13. TV special about the Stop Sellafield concert in Manchester/The Fly

14. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Manchester '92)



A tremendous pro-shot from the second Stockholm concert!!! Multi-cam mix, soundboard audio recording (with a slight hiss in the background). Maybe the only tiny detail not worth an excellent plus plus plus is the colours which could be a bit more crisp. Other than that there is really nothing worth mentioning on the downside of this bootleg!