ZooTV Vienna (DVD)


Vienna, Austria



1. The Fly

2. Even Better Than The Real Thing

3. Mysterious Ways

4. One/Unchained Melody

5. Until the End Of The World

6. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

7. Trying To Throw Your Arms

8. Angel Of Harlem

9. Knocking On Heaven's Door

10. Bad

11. Stand By Me

12. Desire

13. Ultraviolet

14. With Or Without You

15. Love Is Blindness



The show was taped from Edge's stage side from a slightly elevated position, maybe at the height of the B-stage. The camera is extremly shaky, hardly into focus and the picture is obstructed by arms or heads most of the time. A pity since the quality of the video, concerning crispness of the colours and definition of the shapes looks promising. Even the shots of the screens at the side of the open air stage are hard to watch because of the mention points. The B-stage action is only caught via these screens.

Most of the songs are cut  with whole parts missing. "The Fly" sets in during the last minute of the song. For example: During "Trying..." is an edit, cutting out some seconds of the song. "Angel Of Harlem" fades out during the second verse and the recording jumps right into "Knocking On Heaven's Door" with Axl Rose. "Bad" is also edited at the end, resulkting in some nasty cuts. The whole part from "All I Want Is You" to "Still Haven't Found" is missing, "Stand By Me" is only included in snippets of a few seconds. "Desire" sets in with Bono saying "You are f...in' beautiful".

The audio quality is good to very good.