ZooTV Milan 2 (VCD)


Milan, Italy



Disc 1:

1. Bono's intro song/Zoo Station/The Fly/Even Better Than The Real Thing/Mysterious Ways/One/Until The End Of The World/Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses/Trying To Throw Your Arms/Angel Of Harlem/Satellite Of Love


Disc 2:

1. Bad/So Cruel/Bullet The Blue Sky/Running To Stand Still/Where The Streets Have No Name/Pride/I Still Haven't Found/Desire/Ultraviolet/With Or Without You/Love IS Blindness


This VCD is a 2 camera mix: One is located high in the upper ranks close to the stage off Adam's side, The other one is off Edge's side of the sage taping from a lower rank. The first one is taping in color, the second one in black and white. First one is quite stable with the view obstructed by arms or heads only occasionally (but a hanging part of the lightning rig is always in the picture). The second camera is very shaky sometimes and the view is obstructed by some guys especially when it tries to close in on The Edge. The sound seems to be taken from the "Wild Horses" with picture and music sometimes out of synch. "One" is completely messed up on my recording which I don't know if this is a copy artifact or a problem of the original recording. Also, "Wild Horses", "Trying To Throw..." and parts of "Satellite Of Love" miss the original picture, replaced by a scene of the swirling mirrorball-Trabant over the B-stage.  Don't know why this is the case?