ZooTV Oakland (VCD)


Oakland, CA



Disc 1:

1. Bono's intro song/Zoo Station/The Fly/Bono flipping through the channels/Even Better Than The Real Thing/Mysterious Ways/One/Until The End Of The World/Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses/Trying To Throw Your Arms/Angel Of Harlem/Dancing Queen/Satellite Of Love/Bad/All I Want Is You


Disc 2:

1. Bullet The Blue Sky/Running To Stand Still/Where The Streets Have No Name/Pride/I Still Haven't Found/ZooTV intermission/Desire/Mirrorball Man phone call to the White House/Ultraviolet/With Or Without You/Love Is Blindness


The show was shot from the ranks off Edge's side of the stage. The camera is very gently shaking, on rare occasions a head or an arm pops into the picture for a second. The taper tries to catch every U2 member as often as possible (with a stress on Bono of course) but the zooming in and out as well as the change from group memeber to one another is very smooth with only a few focusiing problems once in a while. The picture quality is very good in my opinion. The colours are crisp and you can detect the faces quite clearly when the camera zooms in. The overall picture is quite dark so that you can only see things where the spotlights illuminate the scenery. One flaw worth mentioning is a small distorsion which can be seen sometimes going from the left to the right.

The sound quality is also very good to excellent. The music sounds crisp and clear, audience noise is no problem at all.