ZooTV Houston (DVD)


Houston, TX




- Bono's intro song

- Zoo Station

- The Fly

- Even Better Than The Real Thing

- Mysterious Ways

- One

- Unchained Melody

- Until The End Of The World

- Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

- Trying To Throw Your Arms

- Angel Of Harlem

- Satellite Of Love

- Bad

- All I Want Is You

- Bullet The Blue Sky

- Running To Stand Still

- Where The Streets Have No Name

- Pride

- I Still Haven't Found

- Desire

- Ultraviolet

- With Or Without You

- Love Is Blindness



The show was taped from the upper ranks off Edge's side, the camera located in the back half of the arena. The tape used for transfer was definetly not master or first generation, resulting in undefined shapes and gleamy faces. Also, the colours are a bit washed out and there are some minor distorsions of the picture visible. Details can hardly be detected. The camera is handheld and, hence, a bit shaky but the camera is rarely loosing its focus and the view is clear and only on a few occasions obstructed by an arm or a head. The taper catches shots of all band members and does not only concentrate on Bono.

The DVD is not authored correctly, leaving it with arbitrary track divisions.

The audio quality is good but suffers from an audible hiss in the background