ZooTV Detroit (DVD)


Detroit, MI



1. Bono's intro song/Zoo Station

2. The Fly

3. Even Better Than The Real Thing

4. Mysterious Ways

5. One

6. Until The End Of The World

7. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

8. Trying To Throw Your Arms

9. Angel Of Harlem

10. Satellite Of Love

11. Bad

12. All I Want Is You

13. Bullet The Blue Sky

14. Running To Stand Still

15. Where The Streets Have No Name

16. Pride

17. I Still Haven't Found

18. Desire

19. Ultraviolet

20. With Or Without You

21. Love Is Blindness



The show was taped from an upper rank off Adam's stage side, in quite some distance to the stage. The camera is a bit shaky and from time to time, a hand or a head gets in front of the camera. The colours are defined and crisp but the shapes appear as if the camera is slightly out of focus. The taper needs some time in the beginning to focus on the stage action (intro of Zoo Station) but rarely loses the focus afterwards (mostly between the songs). A few skips appear, most notably, Bono's pizza order after "Even Better than The Real Thing" is cut out.

Audio quality is very good, given the distance of the camera mic to the PA.