Pizza For Everybody


Detroit, MI



Disc 1:

1. Zoo Station

2. The Fly

3. Even Better Than The Real Thing

4. Mysterious Ways

5. One

6. Until The End Of The World

7. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

8. Trying To Throw Your Arms

9. Angel Of Harlem

10. Satellite Of Love




Disc 2:

1. Bad

2. All I Want Is You

3. Bullet The Blue Sky

4. Running To Stand Still

5. Where The Streets Have No Name

6. Pride

7. I Still Haven't Found

8. Desire

9. Ultraviolet

10. With Or Without You

11. Love Is Blindness




This is a very good recording of the Detroit concert, famous for Bono's "I'd like to order 10.000 pizzas" stunt. Clarity and crispness are given but could be a bit better to grade this recording "excellent". There are no background noises (like hiss, rumbling) and audience noise only adds to the "live"-feeling of this bootleg. If you don't have it you should definetly think about trading for it!