ZooTV Philadelphia (DVD)


Philadelphia, PA




1. Zoo Station

2. The Fly

3. Even Better Than Real Thing

4. Mysterious Ways

5. One

6. Until The End Of The World

7. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

8. Trying To Throw Your Arms

9. Angel Of Harlem

10. Satellite Of Love

11. Bad/All I Want Is You

12. Bullet The Blue Sky

13. Running To Stand Still

14. Where The Streets Have No Name

15. Pride

16. I Still Haven't Found

17. Desire

18. Ultraviolet

19. With Or Without You



The show was taped from the ranks in the back of the arena, off Edge's side. The camera is extremely shaky and often loses focus. Every once in a while an arm or head obstructs the view. Also, the colours are quite blurry and the shapes lack definition, so that you cannot detect any details, not even the slogans on the screens during "The Fly". Most likely, the video tape used for transfer was of a higher generation.

The audio quality is fair to good, with an audible portion of hiss in the background.